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Red Ndebele - African Print Cultural Fashion Socks

    PROBLEM: Most socks, especially the ones that come in a variety of colours, are boring. So you have to wear them in a variety of places so they become the least boring thing to wear. They start to wear quickly because they are the same in every way.AGITATE: You have a collection of socks and they have seen better days. They are still wearable but not comfortable so you can't wear them in all situations.SOLUTION: The Red Ndebele socks offer a stylish and unique look that will soon become a staple in any men's sock collection. They are made of a breathable cotton material that still keeps your feet warm, so you can wear them everywhere. They are...

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The Citrus Bloom and Bee Story.

Citrus BloomI am dude X. Guess what I am. We worship one Queen, myself and hundreds of other dudes. We’re proud to serve our Queen. My daily routine is quite predictable. Early in the morning, we wander off to the fields in different directions in search of the sweetest syrup to bring back home to the young ones. I make sure I hurry ahead of everyone else so they won’t see my secret tree. The Queen is tired of the roses and she hates the water lilies 😔. I’ve been sleeping in the Queen’s comfortable bed since the day I discovered the CITRUS Bloom and how she loves it. 

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Style Missionary Collection comprises of bespoke fashionable/wearable art pieces that are inspired by the African art, culture and the need to preserve that art for future generations. SMC socks are a perfect gift for a stylish, outspoken and sophisticated gentleman who is confident to be different and proactive for the cause of cultural preservation. Style Missionaries are trendsetters.

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